Brian & Julia


We are committed to raising our adopted children in a happy, healthy, and welcoming home which includes a big sister who we adopted in the fall of 2020 and our two friendly dogs. Adoption is our first choice to grow our family and we hope that you will trust us with raising a healthy and happy child. We promise to always ensure that our children know they are loved and how they came to be a part of our family.


Our Children will:

  • Be loved
  • Be respected
  • Be able to choose who they want to be
  • Have a loving home and loving parents who will help guide them through all of the ups and downs in life
  • Always know how they became a part of our family


  • We’ve been together 10 years and married for 5. Brian loves to play baseball, cook, watch movies and is trying his best to learn how to curl. Julia runs half-marathons, likes to workout, and volunteers within her industry; on technical and leadership committees, and outreach in schools.
  • We are both professional engineers and leaders in our respective companies
    • Brian works for a construction company and Julia works for a consulting engineering company for the past 2 years and has been in her industry for over 16 years
    • We both have undergraduate engineering degrees
    • Brian has a master’s in engineering and Julia has an MBA
  • We’ve adapted our family activities, such as hiking and running, to include our daughter. Brian is able to carry her in a hiking backpack, or push her (and sometimes our smaller dog too!) in a jogging stroller. We share a love of travel, and have been able to pack our vehicle with our whole family for trips all over BC to go camping or stay at a cabin.
  • Before children, we traveled to many places around the world, and look forward to the opportunity to share these experiences with our kids. We are strong supporters of the local music and art scene, going to concerts and dancing, watching movies, or attending street festivals, we plan on incorporating these activities into our family life. We donate our time and money to different charities, both in our community and internationally. We hope to share these values within our family.



Adoptive Parent Profile


Adoption is the path we have chosen to have a family.


We have a locally adopted daughter that joined our family in the fall of 2020. Our daughter has been welcomed by our two dogs (Brodie and Cairo) as well as all of our friends and extended family. We look forward to further expanding our family through adoption.


Both of our parents are back in Ontario but like to visit us here in Vancouver, and Julia has some extended family here in town. However, we consider our friends our Family which means that we are always surrounded by family.

Adoptive Parent Profile


Our home is a place where friends are always welcome. We love hosting friends and family in our home.


We often host dinner parties or BBQs for our friends and family where we prepare the food. Brian loves to cook, while Julia loves to bake, so there are always plenty of leftovers!


Our neighborhood has lots of young children around to play with (including right next door), a park nearby, and walking distance to school and shops.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We value you. We respect you.

We believe in a chosen family.

Our relationship with you is valuable, and important.

We will respect and honour your choices in regards to openness and communication.

We will be flexible as our relationship grows.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing this.

Adoptive Parent Profile


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