Derek & Erin


We are very excited to become parents and to grow our family through adoption. We promise to give your child a loving, happy and safe home. We want your child to know that they can accomplish anything and that we will always be on their team. We will always be there to celebrate their accomplishments, and provide support when life becomes challenging.


We met almost 13 years ago at a local Starbucks and have been pretty inseparable ever since. After getting married in August 2012, we have enjoyed buying our first home, spending time with family, travelling, and growing our careers. We both currently work full time; Erin works in property management as an administrator, and Derek is a manager at a financial institution.

Erin has a Certificate in Administration and a Certificate in Cosmetology, and Derek has a Bachelors of Mathematics. We love to go for walks and hikes during the day and spend time in the evening cooking together and trying out different recipes. We especially enjoy baking during the holidays for our family and providing treats for our office co-workers.

We have dreamed of growing our family since we met. We would like to provide your child with a happy, loving and positive environment and encourage them to follow their dreams and help to guide them in order to succeed in whichever path they choose. We will support their interests in school, sports, the arts or whatever path they choose. We will be there to encourage and be in their corner to help them to achieve their goals.

Goals for our children - We would like to raise our children in a happy, loving and positive environment. We would like to encourage and support our child(ren) to follow their passions and dreams. We would like to involve them in group activities and living their best possible life.

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Our families have lived in Canada for many generations. We have Irish and Icelandic heritage, but have not yet visited those countries. Even though we don’t have children at this time, we do have a wonderful extended family. Derek’s parents, and extended family are in Ontario. Erin’s parents, sister and our niece are in the Lower Mainland, and her brother and sister in law and our nephew are currently living in Germany. They are all incredibly excited to be potential Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and especially cousins.

We love animals and for the past three years have been proud owners of a cockatiel who fills a room with a lot of personality. We also really enjoy dogs and cats who are important family members for Erin’s parents.

We enjoy traveling to sunny destinations when the local weather gets cold. Certainly visiting Hawaii has been a highlight and one of our favorite places to visit. During the summers we like to get away from the city and visit the Okanagan or Whistler to enjoy some downtime and relax. A typical weekend we enjoy spending time together and also visiting regularly with Erin’s family to relax and play games.

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For the past 10 years we have lived in a two-bedroom condominium in Vancouver. There is a great amount of diversity in our neighbourhood and in our building. Our area has a number of playgrounds, schools, and other kids/families are within walking distance and it’s a great place to be.

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We fully support openness in the adoption process. We want the very best for your child and are comfortable with as much openness as you would like to have in your child’s life. We feel that it is important your child knows where they come from to help them understand what makes them so special.

We appreciate that you may have your own thoughts when it comes to openness and we respect that this decision is very difficult and there is no pressure, judgement or expectations from us either way. Your child will be loved unconditionally in our home. We look forward to the opportunity to talk to you about what this might look like.

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