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Garrett & Billy


Our promise is that any child that joins our family will be surrounded with love, support, and guidance to help them through their life every step of the way. We promise to show them the world, and give them every opportunity possible to pursue their dreams. We promise to help them understand who they are, and where they come from, and to be proud and confident with the person that they become.


We are Garrett and Billy, an easy going, loving couple with a dream to grow our family and share all the love that we have. We are two hardworking guys with established careers, and an amazing life full of supportive and loving people. We love travel and adventures, and making the most out of this life that we have. Ever since we met in 2017, we dreamt of building our family through adoption. Shortly after we got married in 2019, we started our first adoption journey through Sunrise. We are excited for this next chapter, and to grow our family once again.

Billy was born and raised in Fort St John on a large ranch, with his parents and three siblings. At 17 years old, he moved out on his own, to experience life outside of his home town. However, you can never take the farm out of a farm boy. Billy loves to be back on property, with room to share his love of animals and the outdoors with his family. He has an established career in the restaurant industry, and feels very fortunate to have a great work/life balance.

Garrett was born and raised on Vancouver Island, with his loving parents, and three siblings. He loves to be outside and has a strong passion for animals, so growing up on a hobby farm allowed him to live his passion every day! Being able to raise his own children on his family farm is something that is very special to him. Garrett works for the government, in retail sales, and loves his life, and his family more than anything.





Adoptive Parent Profile


In January of 2021, we adopted our daughter Sophie through Sunrise. Having a family of our own is something that we always dreamed about together, and we feel very fortunate every day! Sophie is an outgoing, loving little girl, who can’t get enough of the outdoors and her animals. She brings so much joy to everyone that she meets, and has a smile or a wave for anyone passing by. We look forward to seeing her become the best big sister ever!

We both have large, loud, fun loving families, as well as many friends who we consider family, which gives us an amazing support system. We enjoy our weekly dinners with our close friends and family, who have young children of their own, and they’re all the best of friends.

Having both grown up with siblings, we have always known that we wanted to give that to our children, because family means everything to us. Birthdays and holidays are huge, and we surround ourselves with those who we love. So many grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, who are as excited as we are, for us to grow our family.


Adoptive Parent Profile


We live in our forever home on Garrett’s family farm. We feel very fortunate to be able to share the lifestyle that we both grew up with, and our passion for animals, with our family. Being able to raise our own children right where Garrett grew up is very special to us. Not to mention, we have grandma and grandpa living on the same property, so there will be no shortage of love and support…and homemade cookies, for a child.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We understand that openness can come in many forms, and we look forward to discussing with you, the level of openness that we are all comfortable with.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!


Adoptive Parent Profile


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