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Jen & Clif


Adoption, for us, would be a life-changing gift. It would allow us to experience the wonder of parenthood and the incredible privilege of being able to love and raise a child of our own. Our promise to you is that we will never lose sight of that sacred privilege and responsibility. We promise to love your child unconditionally, with patience, empathy and compassion. We promise to honour and nurture their unique spirit and interests. We promise to be open with them about their birth family and adoption story. If our child comes from a different cultural background than our own, we promise to learn about that culture and to find ways for all of us to connect with that culture as a family. We promise to surround your child with a network of supportive extended family and friends. And finally, we promise to raise them in a secure and safe environment.


We actually met and fell in love in High School! We’ve been each other’s rocks, soulmates and cheerleaders for almost 30 years, and married for 15, and that foundation is something we really cherish. We are also animals lovers, and have two adorable rescue dogs, Pepper and Rose, who share our lives with us.


We love to travel and have been to 14 countries in South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We both speak English, Spanish and French fluently. We’re “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” nerds, and we LOVE Disneyland, having gone at least 10 times. We dream of the day when we’ll be able to bring our own child with us. We’re also very passionate about the environment, and especially Shark and Whale conservation. Our favourite thing to do is to explore the coast with our dogs, look for wildlife and search for the world’s best milkshake!


Jen works as the Office Administrator at a High School. She is an outgoing, passionate Colombian Canadian who is always the first person to reach out to a friend in need. She loves bringing people together, and has organized countless events personally and professionally - from Supper Clubs, to Weddings, to bi-annual trips to Hawaii with our friends and their kids.


Clif graduated from UBC in Honours History and has been working as an Independent Filmmaker for over 20 years. He is thoughtful, kind, and compassionate, but also a goofball that loves karaoke and telling a good Dad joke. He loves sports, and still plays baseball when he can.

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Family is really important to us. We love nothing more than seeing and spoiling our niece and nephew, who live nearby with Jen’s Mom, Jen’s Sister and our brother in law. Clif’s parents and brother live close by and we see them often. We often gather as a larger extended family group of Uncles, Aunts and Cousins at Clif’s childhood home for holidays, birthdays, and even a legendary Easter Egg Hunt that sometimes gets up to 25+ participants! And every Summer, we go on a family trip together to Glacier National Park in Montana to meet up with our extended family in a tradition going back more than 50 years!


We’re also very lucky, having both grown up in the Lower Mainland, to have a lot of close friends with kids in our lives that have become a “second family” to us. We are “Tio” and “Tia” to many of our friend’s children. Our fridge is a wonderful collage of photos and artwork of these nieces and nephews. On Thanksgiving Weekend, we often host a Friendsgiving where we can all celebrate a meal together. And every 2 years, we travel with a big group of our friends and their kids to Hawaii. It’s a wonderful, supportive group we love being a part of.


We are also a “Dog Family”. Pepper is our feisty and resilient Shi-Tzu. Rose is a sensitive little Terrier who loves nothing more than nuzzling into Jen’s neck on the couch. Both dogs love everyone in our extended families and we know they will be SO excited to welcome a child into the family.

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We love our home! We own a Townhouse in Vancouver in an 11-unit strata that includes 5 young families with kids, many of whom play together in the complex courtyard! We’re within a 10 minute walk of 3 parks, 3 schools (including French Immersion), and a beautiful new community centre. It’s an area with lots of kids. It is also a very diverse and accepting area, not only ethnically, but we see so many different examples of what a family can look like - from mixed race families to same sex couples to interracial adoptee families. It’s a great place to live and a great place to raise a family.

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We believe our child needs to know and to be proud of where they come from. That means having a connection to both their birth family and their cultural heritage. We want our child to know who their birth family is, and to build a relationship with you, the birth family, based on a level of openness that you are comfortable with. We will respect your wishes around openness and would love the opportunity to talk about this with you.

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