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Jen and Andrey


Our promise is to raise a child based on our values of love, respect, and honesty and to give all the support possible to our child. We promise that our child will know that they are an unconditionally loved member of our family.


We are committed to sensitive parenting to ensure that a child has a supportive environment where they can grow with safety. We believe that children have the best chance of emotional well-being when raised in a space where their needs are heard and respected.


We promise to engage with our child openly about their adoption so that they understand their background, where they come from, and how we became a family. We want our child to know that they can always talk to us about anything.


Finally, we promise to ensure that our child receives the material and structural support that they need to flourish. We will provide them with a comfortable home, excellent educational opportunities, and all the materials necessary for them to live a full and healthy life.


Jen works as an academic advisor and editor and Andrey is a project manager in a VR gaming company. Jen holds a BA, M.Phil., and earned her Ph.D. in Food Studies and Andrey holds a BA and MBA. Jen and Andrey have been partners since 2018 and were married in 2020.


Our life priorities include quality family time, pursuing things we love, and supporting our community. We both love spending time outdoors, walking and exploring neighbourhoods around us and we lead an active lifestyle including yoga, dance, and strength training and healthy home cooking. We also love reading, and watching films. Andrey is a film enthusiast and loves watching and discussing many different genres of movies. Jen is an avid reader and always has at least one novel on the go. We take a lot of enjoyment from sharing food together and Jen is an enthusiastic home cook and baker.


We both support one another in exploring and pursuing our passions and hobbies (from video game design to writing, and from calligraphy to yoga). We would extend that encouragement to explore to a child placed with us. We want our child to find something (or many things!) that they truly enjoy and take meaning and pleasure from; it is important that our child has the space to be their own person and explore what they are interested in. For us, adoption means expanding our chosen family, intentionally building connections and extending our community and love.

Adoptive Parent Profile


Our household includes Jen, Andrey, and our cat, Mochi Eloise. We do not have any children. We are very close with Jen’s parents, who live nearby and are excited to be grandparents. While Andrey’s family does not live in Canada, we have calls with his mom and grandmother.

Andrey’s family lives in Moscow, Russia, where he grew up. Jen was raised in Coquitlam, BC; we met while studying abroad. Since Andrey immigrated to Canada, we have created our home in Vancouver, where we will raise our child. We incorporate Russian traditions into our lives. For example, every year we make a traditional Russian new year’s eve dinner and share it with family.


On weekends, we get to spend more time together, rest, and enjoy ourselves. We take long walks and visit with family and friends. We enjoy watching a movie or tv, and Andrey works on the video game he is designing and Jen works on the book she is writing. We also ensure the upcoming week will be calm and organized by cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking.


We enjoy travel. Our favourite trip together was to Italy. We loved the beautiful landscape and delicious food. Summers are especially fun; Jen works with students so she has a part-time schedule, which will allow her to spend more time with a child during the summer months.


Raising a child is both a huge privilege and a major responsibility. We have the desire, time, and resources to provide a home for a child and we are so excited to welcome them into our home and lives.

Adoptive Parent Profile


Our home is warm, safe, and cozy. We come from different cultures, family and educational systems, and religious backgrounds; we ensure that both of our interests and traditions are present in our home, including foods, music, films, and languages.


We live in a neighbourhood that is friendly, central, full of green spaces, walkable, and has many schools, grocery stores, cafes, playgrounds, and health care centres. We both volunteer in our community, Andrey with Big Brothers and Jen with a local organization that supports recovery from eating disorders.

Adoptive Parent Profile


To us, openness means creating a supportive and respectful dynamic of trust-based communication with a birth family that allows a child to know about their background and see that adoption is not a taboo topic. It means being open to dialogue and to listening, to working together to find a situation that takes into account everybody’s needs, and that is flexible while providing structure for a child.


Openness will involve having communication and sharing updates with a birth family and supporting a child in their connections with their birth family. There is no one way that we expect openness to look; we understand that it will be a process. We are open to various forms of contact including: letters, phone or video calls, and in-person visits.


We believe that a family system that values and models openness in discussions is important to create trust and safety so that our child knows that they are always welcome and encouraged to ask questions and share things without judgement.

Adoptive Parent Profile


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