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Joel & Brenddan


We promise to fill this child’s life with joy, love, support, and opportunity. It is important to us to encourage creativity and allow this child to explore their interests and passions freely. Guiding them on a journey of self love and empowerment will be our focus, so they can grow up feeling proud of the special person that they are. We promise to instill a strong sense of self and encourage them to be adventurous and take chances. When it comes to their unique and beautiful birth story, we promise to be honest, truthful, and completely transparent.


Brenddan is first and foremost a very proud stay-at-home dad. He is a photographer who specializes in travel photography and sells his prints in retail stores and online. Brenddan also has a certificate in interior design and has a passion for bringing life and creativity to his clients’ homes. He is thoughtful, genuine, respectful, and has a huge heart. Brenddan loves to travel with Joel and their daughter Frankie and looks forward to creating many more memories with a sweet new addition to the family.


Joel is a proud papa to daughter Frankie and has a passion for interior design. He is a content creator in the design field and has a passion for sharing DIY projects. He also works in the film industry doing anything from stand in work, acting, to background. Joel is extremely creative and feels lucky to be able to share this artistry in his work. He is funny, charismatic and brings joy with him everywhere he goes. Joel is selfless and thoughtful and his love for his family is unwavering.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We both come from big families and grew up with strong role models in our parents. There was always love and support and the example that was set is something we have carried with us into our own parenting. Joel has 3 siblings, 3 nieces, and 1 nephew on his side. Brenddan has 2 siblings and 3 nephews on his side. Family is extremely important to us and with most of our family close by, we feel lucky to be able to connect regularly and create memories together.


We were both born in Canada; Brenddan has Ukrainian and Irish heritage and Joel has German and Dutch heritage. Our daughter Frankie came into our life through adoption almost 2 years ago and we are deeply grateful for the life we have created together so far. We have always wanted a sibling for her to grow up with and we know she would be the best big sister! We also have a Bernese Mountain dog named Poppy and her and Frankie have become best friends.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We live in a townhome surrounded by nature and close to many parks and walking trails. Our backyard faces trees and a creek making it a very peaceful and relaxing place to hang out. Our home is spacious with plenty of room to continue growing our family. We believe that family is not only about the big moments, but the smaller ones too. There is so much joy to be had in the daily activities that happen within a home and we look forward to sharing that joy with a new addition to our family.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We understand the importance of openness and the impact it can have on a child’s upbringing and their journey to self discovery. We want them to be completely aware of the beauty and uniqueness that their family holds. With our first daughter, Frankie, we have been completely transparent and talked openly with her about her birth family. We have also included photos and little anecdotes about her birth family in her baby book so as she grows up, we have somewhere to look together when she has any questions. We know every adoption story looks different and we look forward to discussing openness and your hopes and wishes, with you.

Adoptive Parent Profile


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