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Matthew and Alicia


Ever since the day we met we knew our life would never be complete without children to share it with. That is where our 8 year journey began. Like a lot of other couples, we tried first to have our own biological children but to no avail. After a failed attempt at invitro we considered trying again. Then some research into adoption made us realize this was the path for us. We can think of no other selfless act more loving than the one you have chosen. By blessing us with a child to love we promise and will stop at nothing to make sure that the child is loved, safe and has the best life we can provide which will include giving them the opportunity to experience a variety of activities and immerse in as much culture as possible. I, Alicia am a salon owner/hairstylist and love my choice of career. I, Matthew am a carpenter and superintendent.


In 2011 we met on an online matchmaking site and in 2013 we were married. We knew right away that we had found our soulmate and our lives would never be complete without one another. We enjoy the same hobbies such as camping, fishing and spending time outdoor. we also enjoy a good cuddle on the couch with our fur babies while watching a great movie. We both have large families with whom we have extremely close relationships. Our families are a significant part of our lives and are beyond excited to embrace a new child into the family. Having the experience of growing up with grandparents and aunts/uncles and honouring the memories enhanced our childhood. My (Alicia) passion for cooking and entertaining brings me to spending many hours in our kitchen creating delicious multicultural meals for friends and family. one of my favourite past times is hosting parties for the children in our lives. one of the favourites is auntie Alicia's pizza and game day. I teach the kids how to create their own homemade pizza followed by a day of games and or a movie. It's always a hit! Our favourite activity is visiting historical sites and museums. Matthew's love for gold panning started after visiting Barkerville on one of our historical adventures. Another of our favourite activities is combing areas for treasures using our metal detector, while removing the not so exciting treasures such as litter. Cold winter months that prohibit outside fun are usually spent playing games or doing puzzles.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We both have large families with whom we have extremely close relationships. Our families are a significant part of our lives and are excited to embrace a new child into the family. Having the experience of growing up with multiple grandparents and aunts/uncles and honouring the memories significantly enhanced or childhood. We have a strong love for animals and have 4 of our own, oldest being Tink a 15-year-old uromastyx lizard, Olive our 10-year-old slightly independent cat, our 3-year-old loving miniature husky Willow and last but not least our cuddly 2-year-old julianna pig Ivy. We enjoy spending time outdoors with them including bringing them along on our camping excursions. Being that traditions have always been important in our families we are deep rooted in holiday celebrations and get-togethers. We both also love music and if walking by you may see us having a dance in our living room. We are so excited to share these traditions and look forward to creating new ones with our child/children.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We have a character style home that is often described as cozy and inviting. Our home has a great backyard with a separate area that allows us to grow our own fruits and vegetables. Our home is in an area of the city that is family oriented and rich in a variety of cultural backgrounds. Our home city also provides a variety of extracurricular activities including sports, music and art. There is a great focus on inclusion and diversity within our local schools. The city offers a fine arts school which allows children the opportunity to embrace their creativity if they so choose.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We hope we have been able to give you some insight into the amazing life we intend on providing our child. In the event you are considering us as parents we would also like to bring forward that we are open to having a relationship with you and your family if agreed to by both parties. Being that we both come from large loving families we believe the more people to love our child can only enrich his or her life.

Adoptive Parent Profile


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