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Your child will grow up cherished in a home where their interests, curiosities and beliefs are encouraged, celebrated and defended. They will have the opportunity to build and grow their strengths in a safe, nurturing environment that fosters empathy, courage, kindness and life-long learning, and will be surrounded by a community committed to helping them become the best version of themselves.


In our six years together, we've been fortunate enough to fall in love, get married, travel the world and pursue many of our dreams as a couple.

Together, we own a creative agency in Vancouver, BC that Lindsay started in 2012, with René joining in 2016 as Partner and Executive Creative Director. Since the company is our own, we have an unusual amount of flexibility and a strong leadership team ready to take over for us as we step into parenting.


We are so ready and excited to begin this next journey together into parenthood and direct our love, attention and energy into helping our new child become the best version of themselves.


Adoption is significant to us because we were both raised with adopted and foster siblings and have always dreamt of growing our family through adoption. Individually and together, we've experienced the joy and fulfillment of blended/mixed families and believe in the incredible and redemptive power of extended and chosen family. To us, adoption is an opportunity to grow our family and provide the birth parent(s) and the child with the support and love of us and our extended (and quirky) family.


As for interests and hobbies, we love science fiction, history and true crime stories. When not working, you'll find us playing music (René used to be a professional musician), enjoying our rooftop patio, tackling a home improvement project, or exploring Vancouver's beautiful outdoors with Onyx, our black lab. We're fans of clean eating but indulge in good pizza or a burger every once in a while.

Adoptive Parent Profile


Our household consists of the two of us and Onyx. We love spending time together. Onyx is ALWAYS by our side. 'Onyx' means protection shadow, which is exactly what she is. No matter where we are, she's with us. She even comes with us into stores that allow dogs. Home Depot is her favourite because she assumes her role as the store greeter, saying hello to everyone and anyone she can. Onyx attends doggy day-care two days per week to play with her dog friends. Her favourite activities are fetch, cuddling, and people-watching out the living room window. Onyx also enjoys watching movies. It's adorable–she stares at the screen, listens intently and tilts her head when dogs bark on screen.

Our extended family includes parents, siblings, and their spouses and children. In total, we have a whopping 20 nephews and nieces, which include multiple adopted children from various backgrounds. René has one sister and brother, while Lindsay has six step-siblings and an adopted sister who lives in Mexico.

Additionally, we have family in Australia, Mexico, Germany, Manitoba, and right near home—both our parents and multiple siblings live in the Fraser Valley. Family is important to us. We stay connected to our relatives near and far.

Summers are spent in the Gulf Islands, camping in the interior, and once a year, we travel to a tiny island in Mexico where we play in the sand, swim in the ocean, and enjoy many outdoor adventures.

Christmas, holidays, birthdays and family BBQs keep everyone connected and up-to-date on what's happening in each other's lives. With cousins and grandparents a short drive away, weekend get-togethers and hangouts are welcomed regular occurrences.

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We live in a spacious, cozy penthouse in a family-friendly neighbourhood minutes from the sea wall, surrounded by parks, beaches, and community centres, of which we take full advantage.

We have a beautiful private rooftop patio where we star watch, enjoy BBQs with friends and family, watch movies, and one day hope to have summer camp outs under the stars with our child.

Adoptive Parent Profile


Having both grown up in blended families, we believe in the power of chosen family and that it takes a village to raise a child. We would love to have you continue to be a part of their life and are committed to being as open as you are comfortable with.


We would love to have the opportunity to talk to you about what openness means to you. Ideally, we'd love for your child to grow up knowing who you are and for them to feel a connection to you as their bio-parents. More importantly, we want what feels right for you, whether this involves frequent visits, regular updates, or less frequent contact. We also appreciate your level of involvement may change over time as your situation changes.


Clearly, there's a lot to talk about. If you're interested in learning more about us before reaching out, we encourage you to watch an extended version of our video here:

Adoptive Parent Profile


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