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Roisin and Adam


It's hard to summarize our lives in one profile, but we hope you get a glimpse of who we are, what our lives are like, our community, our home, and our values. The most important thing to us is to give your child a supportive, loving environment where they can flourish and grow into the incredible person we know they will become. We promise to always fill their home with unconditional love, respect, and laughter along with good food, travel, and new adventures! It is important to us that we include your culture and practices (if ours are different) in ours and the life of your child. We promise to engross your child in their heritage, so they grow up with a sound understanding of where they came from and a true sense of belonging. Out final promise is to help foster a relationship between you and your child in whatever way is best for you both. We know how important it is for you and your child to build your own relationship and we will be there to support them in whatever way we can.


We are an outgoing, adventurous couple who love food, travel, and exploring. We have a passion for learning and experiencing new things. We are excited to pass this love onto a child. Both our jobs are flexible allowing us to spend time with family whenever someone is sick or when we go adventuring!


Roisin is a geologist (PhD) allowing her to explore her passion for travel, new cultures, and teaching others. She fell in love with teaching as a teen while leading camps and girl guides. Inspiring curiosity and cultivating a thirst for knowledge brings Roisin joy. Roisin also loves cooking, traveling, and volleyball. She can't wait to explore with a little one. From Roisin you can expect unconditional love, support, laughter, and cake!


Adam says Roisin is a passionate person who is thoughtful, caring, and supportive. She always goes out of her way for friends and family.

After getting his MBA in Ireland, Adam joined a mutual funds company in Vancouver where he works from home. He is very social and loves helping others, and now he’s paid to do both. Adam has never met a sport he didn’t like and has a lifelong love of learning. He is excited to pass this love onto a child while teaching them the value of community. From Adam you can expect total support, love, compassion, and quality time!


Roisin says Adam is a calm, kind, caring person who makes her laugh. His sassy nature is endearing, don’t tell him she said that, and he’s an incredible listener.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We’ve been together for 8 years and adopted Lexi, our dog, 3 years ago. Lexi had a rough start born in a Korean meat market, escaped and was homeless before finding her way to us. She’s a loving, loyal dog who is super curious and always up for adventure! She feels it’s her job to protect us and will no doubt adopt a child as her own.


We both grew up in Toronto and have very large families (grandmothers, aunts/uncles, cousins, nieces/nephews). Despite our families living in Toronto, we see them often and talk almost daily trading stories and photos to share in each other’s lives. Adam’s parents just became grandparents to Charlotte, Adam’s sister’s first child, and are over the moon! Adam comes from a large Jewish-Christian family, and we spend every holiday celebrating together. In fact, when we can, we have joint celebrations with both our families. Roisin is an only child but grew up with her cousins who act as her brothers and sisters. Her parents wished for a larger family and are now even more excited about the prospect of our adoption. Roisin comes from a large Irish Canadian family with relatives all over the world. Family is most important to us so many of our adventures are planned around being together including spending summertime at the cottage outside of Toronto.


We have a large group of friends around the world. From Australia, Ireland, Toronto, and now Vancouver, we have built a loving group of friends who are always there supporting us through our journey!

Adoptive Parent Profile


We live in Vancouver because we love that it’s a multicultural city with many festivals, markets, and restaurants. We own a 2-bedroom home across from a school. We live near the beach and Stanley Park and are 15 minutes from the Children’s Hospital. We can't wait to visit the Stanley Park Aquarium to show our child the amazing jellyfish! Our neighborhood is a diverse, family focused area full of children of all ages and backgrounds. The area is very walkable and has several community centers, pools, skating rinks, and parks. Being close to the mountains also allows us to connect with nature!

Adoptive Parent Profile


We are strong advocates for openness and our goal is to support an open adoption. We value the relationship and connection between you and your child however that may look. We want to be your partners in this process and welcome ongoing contact between you, your child, and your family as per your wishes. We believe I its important your child has connections to their birth family and their culture and we respect your wishes to this end. We think the more people in your child’s life that love them the better! With ongoing connection, we hope to facilitate your child’s sense of belonging and peace as well as an understanding of their roots, and where they come from. We also understand that you may have other thoughts regarding openness and want to work with you to create a plan that works best for you both. For you and your family, we hope openness in adoption will give you a sense of peace and assurance that your child is growing up in a safe, loving, and supportive environment.

Adoptive Parent Profile


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