Sarah & Alex


We promise to love your child unconditionally and to provide a safe, kind, and supportive home. We promise to provide them with a family that is loving, and with a home filled with laughter, communication and intention. We promise to lead with compassion and to be the best parents that we can for your child.


Sarah has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, and works for a federal law enforcement agency. Alex has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and works as a Business Analyst for a private company. We furthered our studies by attending BCIT, where Sarah obtained an advanced speciality certificate, and Alex completed a Computer Systems Technology diploma.


Alex describes Sarah as compassionate, thoughtful, and considerate. Sarah describes Alex as loving, honest, and funny.


We have been together for 15 years. We met at work and became friends. Then after three years of dating, Alex proposed to Sarah on the Storybook Land ride in Disneyland, where they celebrated with Sarah’s family after the proposal. A year later, we married and the 11 years since have been the best years of our lives. We have always dreamt and planned on being parents. We believe adoption is the path meant for us. There is nothing more important to us than family and we cannot wait to expand it to include a child.


Our favorite activity is spending time with each other and our families. We love to travel, particularly to our happy place, Disneyland. Sarah also enjoys quiet nights at home with a good tv show or movie. Alex enjoys learning and can often be found reading to enhance his knowledge on various topics.


We prioritize family and each other above all else - our families mean the world to us and we are blessed to be supported and loved by them. Family is everything to us.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We do not have any children, but we have three nephews and one niece on Alex’s side of the family. Alex has three siblings, two of which live near us, and one in California. We enjoy spending time and vacationing with them. Sarah has two sisters who live nearby whom we spend time with often. We are also very close to Sarah’s parents, who live nearby. We have two cats (Charlie and Plinko), who are sweet, cuddly members of our family.


Our immediate family members are aware of our adoption journey and are supportive and excited for us.


Sarah’s family includes several adopted family members, dating back to her great grandfather. We also have a trusted friend with two adopted children, who has been an outstanding resource and support for us along our adoption journey.


Alex was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada with his family when he was 8 years old. He can speak Tagalog, which is the primary language that his dad communicates in (in addition to English). Sarah was born locally, and has lived in the Lower Mainland her entire life.


We enjoy traveling, with our favorite destinations being Hawaii and California. We also love to explore our own province, and enjoy visiting Whistler, Vancouver Island, and the Okanagan. Sarah particularly enjoys Disneyland with family, a place her parents took her and her sisters to when she was a child. Luckily for Sarah, Alex has become a big fan himself, and they enjoy the magic of Disney together and with other family members.

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We live and own a single-family house in the Lower Mainland. It is located across from a small park with a playground, where members of our neighborhood can often be found with their children.


We have owned our home since 2009 and have seen the growth in diversity within our community during that time. We are located close to schools, daycares, recreation centers, and essential services. Our parents and siblings live nearby.


We believe that family is what makes a house a home.


Adoptive Parent Profile


We understand that openness is a healthy path for an adopted child. We are open to whatever that looks like, based on your comfort level. We respect your decision and are open to ongoing contact, in whatever method works best for you. Our priority is what is best for your child.

Adoptive Parent Profile


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