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Sneha (Snay-Ha) & Karthik (Car-thik)


Our Promise to You is that your child/ren coming to us will receive unconditional love, care, and a joyous home.

We Promise to nurture them to become good people. To be bold, strong, confident, to be kind and have empathy.

To love oneself and the world around them.

We Promise to support and guide them to pursue their interests and follow their dreams.


We met in Vancouver in 2012 and are happily married since 2014. The saying ‘Opposites attract’ couldn’t be truer. Sneha is outgoing and a book lover, whereas Karthik is an introvert and a sports lover (cricket, soccer). We love spending time together watching shows, hiking, swimming, meditating, lots of talking, making each other laugh & pampering our curly hair. We enjoy travelling, learning about different cultures, places & trying new cuisines. We volunteer at food banks & Senior Society. We celebrate festivals and love hosting family & friends.


Parenthood-Adoption Our goal to become parents and raise a big family has always been clear to us. We made the decision to adopt our first child after going through infertility. Our daughter Kiara joined us in December 2020; we have been eager to expand our family through adoption again with hopes that kids will grow up with a sibling just as we both did, and will become one another’s support system for life.


Sneha "Karthik is kind, loving, caring, patient and easy going person. He is my ‘anchor’ and brings out the best in me. Born in Hyderabad, India and immigrated with parents to Vancouver in 2000. He works in the IT field as a Software Consultant.


Karthik "Sneha is a nurturing, loving, practical, adventurous, and bold with a philosophy of 'Live and Let Live'. She is a fantastic cook. Born in Mumbai, India, Sneha came to Vancouver 2010 for MBA. She works in Employee Benefits/Insurance industry.

Adoptive Parent Profile


Our amazing journey of parenthood began in December 2020 with the arrival of Kiara via adoption. We are thrilled to grow our family and for the kids to experience the joys of siblinghood.


Kiara is a strong, happy, and energetic little human. She loves reading books, enjoys the outdoors, does pretend play and is fond of animals. She brings joy to everyone she meets and makes them fall in love with her. She attends daycare full-time. She enjoys circle time, playing with friends, and other educational activities. Some of the feedback from the daycare is that she is very caring and shows empathy. She can pacify a crying child with her hugs and is ready to be the best big sister!


Sneha:Karthik enjoys the time spent with Kiara and loves seeing her excitement in discovering the world. He is a caring father, reads to her, gives her baths, attends parent/toddler classes with her and plays with her".


Karthik: Sneha loves seeing the world through Kiara’s eyes. She encourages Kiara’s independence, curiosity, and her adventurous side. She enjoys cooking for Kiara, taking her to activities, reading to her, Styling her long curls and dressing her up".


Adoptive Parent Profile


A typical weekday evening is bath time, dinner, reading, playing with grandma, facetiming grandparents in India. Weather permitting, we go to outdoor or indoor play parks. On weekends, we plan activities like visiting petting farms, aquarium, science world or meeting up with friends. Kiara is currently enrolled in theater and dance, and we are excited for her to join more sporting activities in the years to come.


We visit temple regularly and celebrate Indian festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali etc. and equally enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.



Adoptive Parent Profile


We are comfortable with all levels of openness. We would love to have good relations with the birth family and want the child to know their biological family.

However, we respect your wishes, and will follow your lead on openness.

Adoptive Parent Profile


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