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Will & Tyler


If we are lucky enough to welcome your child into our family, we promise to love them unconditionally for the rest of our lives. We promise to provide them with a safe, peaceful, and comfortable home, and with the opportunities and support they need to develop to their fullest potential. We promise to be open and honest with them about their adoption story, and to honour their birth family.


We have both always wanted to have kids, and we feel that we have reached a point in our lives where we’re in a position to be great parents for your child.


We are a married couple in our early-to-mid 30s (Will is 32, Tyler is 34). We met and started dating in 2016 in San Francisco where we were both living at the time. We moved to Tyler’s hometown of Vancouver together in 2018, got engaged in 2020, and got married in Will’s hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2022. We adopted our dog Scout, an English cocker spaniel, in 2022, and purchased a home in North Vancouver in 2023.


In terms of education and career, we each graduated from the same university (but didn’t meet each other til after graduation) and have each built careers in the technology industry. We each currently work from home for different software companies; Will manages a software engineering team and Tyler leads business operations and strategy at his company.


In our free time, we like to take advantage of BC’s beautiful outdoors (often with Scout in tow), going running, biking, hiking, kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing, and even occasionally surfing. We are excited about bringing a little one along with us on many of these adventures!


We enjoy cooking and having friends over for dinner or a weekend brunch. We travel fairly often to visit Will’s family in the US, as well as to explore new parts of the world. We are homebodies at heart and appreciate a cozy Saturday night at home with a movie and the fireplace on.

Adoptive Parent Profile


From day one, your child would be loved and looked after not only by us, but also by four truly amazing grandparents. Tyler’s parents live a 2-minute drive from us and we see them quite often. Will’s parents live in the US, but we visit each other multiple times per year and keep in touch on a nearly daily basis over calls and texts. We know that all four of our parents will be incredibly loving, active, and involved grandparents.


Additionally, your child would be joining large and joyful extended families on both sides of our family, including Will’s brother and sister, Tyler’s brother, and their wonderful partners. We also have quite a few aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins’ kids, and more who would be very eager to welcome your child into the family — including one of Will’s cousins who was adopted as an infant and has been an inspiration to us as we’ve been getting started on our journey as adoptive parents.


We are blessed to have some of our grandparents still in our lives. Will’s grandmother lives in the US and we love getting to visit with her a few times per year. All four of Tyler’s grandparents live within a couple-minute drive of us in North Vancouver, and we love getting to see them regularly for casual drop-by visits and family dinners to celebrate birthdays and holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Chinese New Years.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We own a 4-bedroom home with a fenced backyard in North Vancouver in the same neighbourhood where Tyler grew up and where much of his family still lives. We are on a quiet street with views of the mountains to the north and the Vancouver city skyline to the south. Our neighbours are kind and gather on the street every Wednesday at 6pm to chat and say hello.


We are a short walk to the local top-rated elementary school, as well as to a creek and trail area where we take Scout on off-leash walks. We are a 3-minute drive to a walkable village centre with a grocery store, shops, and restaurants.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We recognize the value that an open adoption can have for a child and are very much open to openness. We’d like to work with you to understand your desired level of openness, and to come up with a practical plan for openness that respects your preferences. We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you, to answer any questions you may have, and to discuss openness further.

Adoptive Parent Profile


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