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Wyatt & Brett


We promise to be there for your child, to grow with them, and to love them unconditionally. We promise to be their biggest fans, their loudest cheerleaders, and be someone who will listen to them and be there for them. We promise to use all our compassion, heart, wisdom and skills to provide them with the most supportive and safest home possible given the world we live in. We promise to honour your child’s true self including the culture where they come from and support them through lifes’ challenges and tides. We promise to foster a relationship between birth parent(s) and child, if that is something you want (and we know this can always evolve and change).


Wyatt has a big heart, and is one of the most personable introverts you’ll ever meet. He works from home managing the family’s B & B, and he thrives in his true calling being a stay-at-home parent. He is active in his community, and loves to practice the home arts such as cooking meals from scratch, and canning fruits and vegetables grown in our garden. Wyatt is an avid swimmer and loves to take the family on adventures to local beaches, lakes, and pools. Wyatt is an avid reader and delights in small town life including walking our kiddo to the library multiple times a week. He enjoys reading them stories before bed every night just like his Mom did when he was growing up.


Brett is a soft-spoken, kind hearted person with a keen listening ear. Brett works as a counsellor and educator, and has a Masters of Social Work. Brett has worked in the social service field for over 20 years working in the areas of: disability supports, environmental non-profits, low-income housing, 2SLGBTQIA+ health, mental health, and research. Brett enjoys riding bikes, being outside, gardening and caring for the fruit trees in the backyard, and crafting. Brett delights in spending time with our kiddo and taking them on adventures such as bike rides, to the seashore to look for crabs and other tidal life, and for walks under the roof of the forest. Brett prioritizes parenting by working a 4-day work week to spend more time with our kiddo.

Adoptive Parent Profile


Brett was raised in Calgary, and lived in Vancouver before settling on Vancouver Island. He descended from French Canadian, German, Irish and English settlers. Wyatt was raised in California, coming from Portuguese and Swedish settlers. We met through mutual friends, and we have been partners since 2016. Wyatt immigrated to Canada in 2018 after he and Brett got married. Our family was delighted to welcome their first grandchild into the family, and is excited about the possibility of welcoming a second child.


We welcomed our kiddo into our lives in October 2022 via Sunrise. You may notice we do not refer to our child with any names, details, or identifying photos as we feel it is not our place to share our child’s story, as it is their story to tell. Our kiddo is a person of colour whose racial and cultural identity is centred and reflected in the holidays we celebrate, the books we read, and the community we have around us all. One of our kiddo’s godparents is from the same cultural community as our kiddo, and we make a point to spend as much time with her as we can. Our kiddo’s birth mom has not been involved since they were adopted, and we welcome that connection if she chooses to get in touch. We love the idea of our children growing up with a sibling, especially another adopted sibling whom they can relate to.


Our dog Norman (a chocolate lab mix) came into our lives in 2022 as a puppy. Norman LOVES kids and is very gentle with little humans.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We live in a small, tight-knit seaside town on Vancouver Island. We bought our home in 2020 and are excited to expand our family here. With many friends who have kids, we take our child to the beach and playground, and enjoy hiking and camping on the Island. Our future child will walk or bike to school with their dads, and we'll visit nearby cities like Vancouver and Victoria. We love hiking, kayaking, biking, and gardening. We have chickens and a dog, Norman, and involve our child in their care to teach responsibility.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We are really glad that adoptions in BC are open, as that is our preference. We’d like you to be as involved in your kiddo’s life as much or as little as you’d like. We know life is always changing, and this may also change. We are open to visits with you and your extended family/loved ones, as well as email, text, and/or mailed updates. We also want to acknowledge that your child may have questions and we will always be open and honest about where they come from.


Thank you very much for taking the time to read our profile. We appreciate your time and trust.

Adoptive Parent Profile


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