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Alan & Tim


From the outside, our family won’t look the same as many others, but that’s what will make it so special. Our family will be filled with love, attention, support and opportunities for growth, and our children will grow up knowing the power of diversity, acceptance, self-expression and love.


We promise to love this child with all our whole-hearts and will ensure they always have a place where they belong. We will nurture this child to become their authentic self and will support them unconditionally in their journey through life. Our children will know where they came from and we will talk openly about their birth story and ancestors. We take the decision to adopt seriously, and are excited to welcome another baby into our home.


We met in Vancouver in 2007 when Tim moved back home from school and we have been inseparable ever since. A year later, Tim proposed to Alan at the top of the Grouse Grind, and we were married in 2010 at Tim’s family cabin on Gambier Island.


Since getting married, we have lived abroad, traveled throughout Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia, bought a condo in Vancouver, worked our way into our dream jobs, and started producing theatre. In 2020, our lives changed again when we adopted our daughter, Willow.


Tim exudes compassion and jumps head first into whatever project he pursues. Relationships are important to Tim, and he works hard to maintain close bonds with his friends and family while staying active through biking, hiking and working as an Event Producer. Tim is honest, thoughtful, and readily admits his mistakes and shortcomings. Tim wears his heart on his sleeve, and this makes him empathetic and compassionate to the needs and emotions of others.


Alan is passionate, creative, and loves to make people laugh. He strives to get the most out of life, both through bettering himself and sharing experiences with people he loves. Alan is loyal to his friends and family and values relationships above all else. As a Dance and Drama Teacher, Alan’s job is perfectly suited for parenting. In addition to being experienced with children and teenagers, Alan is able to take time off work when the baby first arrives and has numerous school vacations and summers off each year.

Adoptive Parent Profile


Our family and friends are our world, and our nearest and dearest are excited about us welcoming another child into our family. Both our families live close by. Tim has a large extended family who we see often at family gatherings in Vancouver and Gambier Island. Alan’s family is located in Qualicum Beach, where we regularly visit for our daughter, Willow, to spend time with (and get spoiled by) her Grandma and Grandpa.


Between us, there are 16 children in our extended families, and everyone is very supportive with helping each other raise their children. We are very close to Tim’s sister’s family, who live across the street, and spend many evenings and weekends on adventures with their family. We also regularly make time to spend with our friends, many of whom have children of their own, so we are confident our child will know lots of children to grow and play with.


Our daughter Willow was adopted in 2020 and is excited about the idea of being a big sister. Willow is a big sweetheart and exudes love and silliness. She is imaginative and creative, and loves to read, sing and engage in creative play.

Adoptive Parent Profile


Our home is warm and full of the love and support of family and friends. We own a three bedroom apartment in Wesbrook Village at UBC, Vancouver.


Our neighbourhood is full of children, making it easy to create playdates on weekends. We are steps away from Pacific Spirit Park, a short bike ride away from Wreck Beach, and live across from Tim’s sister’s family.


Outside of our neighbourhood, we have a community of friends in Vancouver who also have children. We believe in the power of our village and intend for our children to grow up surrounded by love and support from many people.

Adoptive Parent Profile


Adoption runs deep in both our families: In addition to our daughter, Alan’s brother, Tim’s older sister, and Tim himself are all adopted. As a result, we understand the challenges and celebrations children experience throughout their lives as they grow up in an adoptive family.


We believe in openness and trust, and will be honest about our child’s adoption story from an early age. Similar to our adopted daughter, we are happy to maintain ongoing contact and communication with our child’s birth mother and family and hope this will provide you the opportunity to see the child grow and develop. We hope that seeing us raise, interact with and love the child will help put your mind at ease that choosing us as adoptive parents was the right decision.

Adoptive Parent Profile


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