Sunrise will support you while you make decisions that fit with your wishes and goals, and we will provide balanced, unbiased information, so that you can make informed decisions.

Sunrise will help you to understand what adoption is all about, so that you can make a decision that is right for you.

When you work with an adoption agency you can be supported through all phases of the process.  From the initial options exploration stage right through the pregnancy, birth, placement, and post adoption.  When working with Sunrise, your counsellor will be there for you, in person, by phone, email, text, or Skype.  Your counsellor will help support you while you navigate the many decisions and emotions you will face throughout your journey.  You will be able to select the family to parent your child.  All of the families have been through a rigorous process of screening, including background checks and a home study.  The home study involves the family meeting with a social worker over a number of months.  The home study is both an assessment of the couples ability to parent an adopted child as well as an education process about adoption.

Some women may have family or friends, with whom they wish to place their baby for adoption.  In other cases some women have met someone on the Internet or have heard of a family wishing to adopt.  It is possible for you to select a family that is not registered with Sunrise.  Some of the challenges you may face if you select a family that has not been through the homestudy process is that they may not have the understanding about openness in adoption or the training in attachment.  You may wish to keep your options open until you have seen all of the families that you can choose from before you make a decision.  It also keeps you in the drivers seat of your process.


Adoption today is very different than it was when you were growing up.  Today when a woman decides to place her child for adoption she gets to be in charge of the process.  If you decide to work with an adoption agency, the agency will help you understand your options and help you to make a plan. The process is completely confidential.  You will be able to choose the family that will raise your child.  You can visit our website to have a look at some families that are waiting to adopt.  Today most adoptions are “open.”  Which means you will be able to have some contact with your child as he or she grows up.  Some birth moms ask for pictures and letters about their child, while other birth moms ask to have visits with their child.  You can decide what feels right for you. 


Placing a child for adoption is one of the hardest decisions any woman will ever have to make.  You are brave for considering this option for your baby.  All mothers want what is best for their baby.   If you decide to make an adoption plan, it is because you feel that it is the best choice for your baby or for you.


In life, sometimes we are faced with two options and neither one is good.  You may feel like you are not ready or able to parent but placing your baby for adoption is also a really hard choice.  We can help you talk about what both of these roads would look like for you and help you find the right one for you.   

Crisis Pregnancy Counselling

Not all women who have an unplanned pregnancy are in crisis.  For some women, however, this event does cause a crisis in their lives.  Sunrise provides Crisis Pregnancy Counselling throughout the Province of British Columbia.  The women we provide counselling for are frequently in crisis because they are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.  Women facing unplanned pregnancies can face serious challenges.  At Sunrise we specialize in providing options counselling that helps you think through what the best solution is for you and your future life.  The counselling helps you resolve the crisis in your life and allows you to make the best choice for you.  We provide this service free to the public as part of our status as an organization dedicated to assisting women with unplanned pregnancies.


Our Pregnancy Crisis Counselling provides compassionate support and information in a non-judgmental manner for women struggling with an unplanned pregnancy.  Our office is staffed with professional counsellors.


We serve communities throughout the province of British Columbia, including:

Abbotsford              Burnaby               Chilliwack

Fort St. John            Kamloops             Kelowna

Langley                    Nanaimo               New Westminster

North Vancouver   Prince George      Richmond

Squamish                Surrey                    Vancouver

Victoria                    West Vancouver   Whistler


A message from our director:


As the director of the local adoption program at Sunrise, for more than twenty years, it has been an honour and a privilege to work with such a strong and brave group of women.  Every woman’s story and situation is unique, but I can generalize to say that their selflessness is humbling.  Their kindness and sensitivity to the families that will parent their children is often remarkable.  I have been lucky to have the chance to work with these women, who make a very hard choice, often in the face of pressure from others to make a different choice.  I have learned from each experience and had the chance to see these women also grow during and after the process.  It is our goal to make the process as positive as possible for someone facing one of the most challenging situations of their life.  We aim to provide a secure and respectful process that protects women’s rights and places them in control of their process.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such amazing women.     





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