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Free pregnancy options counselling is available across British Columbia. 

We provide counselling assistance to birthparents from the western edge to the eastern boundary of the province.




Province wide Phone/Text Line: 1-833-818-3341




When you work with an adoption agency you can be supported through all phases of the process.  From the initial options exploration stage right through the pregnancy, birth, placement, and post adoption.  When working with Sunrise, your counsellor will be there for you, in person, by phone, email, text, or Zoom.  Your counsellor will help support you while you navigate the many decisions and emotions you will face throughout your journey. 

Some birth parents may have family or friends, with whom they wish to place their baby for adoption.  In other cases, birth parents have met someone on the Internet or have heard of a family wishing to adopt.  It is possible for you to select a family that is not registered with Sunrise.  Some of the challenges you may face if you select a family that has not been through the homestudy process is that they may not have the understanding about openness in adoption or the training in attachment.  You may wish to keep your options open until you have seen all of the families that you can choose from before you make a decision.  It also keeps you in the driver’s seat of your process.

The landscape of adoption has changed over the years. .  Today when a birth parent decides to place their child for adoption, they are in charge of the process.  If you decide to work with an adoption agency, the agency will help you understand your options and help you to make a plan. The process is completely confidential.  

Placing a child for adoption is one of the hardest decisions any birth parent will ever have to make.  You are brave for considering this option for your baby 


Crisis Pregnancy Counselling

Not all birth parents who have an unplanned pregnancy are in crisis.  For some, however, this event does cause a crisis in their lives.  Sunrise provides Crisis Pregnancy Counselling throughout the Province of British Columbia.    We provide this service free to the public as part of our status as an organization dedicated to assisting birth parents with unplanned pregnancies.


Our Crisis Pregnancy Counselling provides compassionate support and information in a non-judgmental manner.  Our office is staffed with professional counsellors.


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