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Mathew & Tyler (Ty)


We promise to create a caring and fun environment in which everyone feels loved, respected, and supported. We promise to do everything we can to empower this child to move through life with pride and compassion toward themself and others. And most foundationally, we promise our unwavering devotion to loving this child deeply and unconditionally.


We met in California while Mathew was visiting a mutual friend in 2015. Ty was living in Los Angeles at the time and we immediately hit it off, spending the next three years hiking, camping, and karaoke-ing as we split our time between Los Angeles and Vancouver. We got married in 2018 and permanently settled in BC. In 2022, we purchased our first home in a semi-rural city about an hour outside of Vancouver, where Ty is a member of a sprint kayaking club and Mathew is pursuing a hobby in pottery.

Mathew is a genuine, thoughtful, and dependable person who cares deeply about the people in his life. He grew up in BC, where he raised pigs on his family’s hobby farm before touring across Canada as a musician in a pop rock band. Mathew has a PhD in counselling psychology and channels his care and compassion into his work as a Registered Clinical Counsellor. He is very excited to become a dad!

Ty is an outgoing, trustworthy, and fun person who cultivates honest and caring relationships with loved ones. He was born and raised in Southern California, where he enjoyed surfing, competitive swimming, and playing music. He has a bachelor’s degree and has established a career in consulting where he supports charities and schools. Ty is passionate about supporting kids’ development. He spent several years volunteering as a tutor for children experiencing homelessness and also worked as a swim instructor helping kids build confidence in the water. He is excited about the joys of parenting!

Adoptive Parent Profile


Family has been and continues to be a huge part of our lives. We are fortunate to live five minutes away from Mathew’s parents who live on a small farm and are a stone’s throw away from the rest of Mathew’s extended family. We are also fortunate to be able to catch a break from the Vancouver rain through regular visits to Ty’s family in beautiful Southern California.


We love spending time learning about tractors with our four-year-old nephew and playing hide and seek with our one-year-old niece. We have been so fortunate to develop a close relationship with these amazing kids. Mathew’s parents and grandparents share a seemingly limitless love for children and they are very excited to welcome another child into the family!


We maintain a strong connection with Ty’s family that proves love is not tied to place. Ty enjoys a fun and caring bond with his large Mexican-American family on his mom’s side, bonding over music and food from his cultural background. Ty has also enjoyed a loving connection with his dad’s side of the family. Ty’s dad was adopted from birth and has long-inspired our journey toward parenthood through adoption.


Last but certainly not least, we adopted a very loving and sweet cat named Kits, who we named after the first neighbourhood in which we established a home together. Kits knows eleven tricks and shares his love with any human he meets – big or small!

Adoptive Parent Profile


Our home is located in a semi-rural city about an hour outside of Vancouver. We live near a beautiful provincial park with stunning mountains and lakes. We have canoed, swam, and hiked throughout our town and look forward to sharing these experiences with our child.


Our community is very family-oriented. We have several friends and family who have recently become new parents themselves and are a short walk away from an impressive park with playgrounds, bike trails, and even a parkour track. We look forward to instilling values of community within our family as we enjoy time with loved ones.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We are happy to support various levels of openness that align with your comfort. We understand that the needs for openness can vary over time and we look forward to discussing your desired levels of openness with you.

Adoptive Parent Profile


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