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Matt & Nicole


Our promise to you is that we will love and care for this child. We promise to provide a home for this child that is welcoming, accepting, loving, foundational, and stable. Our home will be a safe place where they are free to learn and grow, knowing we will always be here for them. We promise to prioritize having fun as a family and to make sure that our family unit is always a core value. We will ensure that the child’s story of adoption is treasured, that they know their story, and that the conversation of adoption is normal within our household. We promise to value our relationship with you, the birth parent(s) so that the child will see this as important and value your relationship as well.


We have been married for almost ten years and during this time we have always known that we wanted to have children as part of our family which has led us to adoption. To us, adoption means that we are excitedly welcoming a child into our home as a part of our family. It means an opportunity to grow from a family of two to a family of three and potentially more in the future.

We both love the work that we are involved in. Nicole has her B.A. in Business Administration and diploma in accounting, and works with statistics and project reporting within an environmental employment organization. Matt earned a diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services. He plans and facilitates summer day camps for children, as well as teaching sports to youth year round.

Matt is a very loyal friend who always sees the best in people, and finds immense joy in creating adventure. He loves to play sports, his favorites being basketball, baseball, and soccer. Having been raised in France for fourteen years, he fluently speaks French and is working on learning Spanish. He also enjoys playing and creating board games.

Nicole is a thoughtful person who is always looking for ways to help others. Music has a special place in her heart as she has been playing the piano since eight years of age. She also loves to be in the kitchen whipping up treats or cooking a new recipe for dinner. She likes to keep active and finds refreshment being outdoors running on local mountain trails or relaxing by a lake.

Adoptive Parent Profile


Our extended family lives in Ontario and we happily visit them as often as we can. We love spending as much time as possible with our siblings, in-laws, parents, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. One of our highlights is connecting with our nieces and nephews. They range in age from young teenagers to newborn babies and we love connecting with each of them in different ways. Playing games with the older ones, reading books to the younger ones and cuddling the newborn are all highlights to every trip.

Since living in BC, we have created our own family here with a few very close diverse friends, some of whom also live far distances from their families. We celebrate major holidays together, often gathering to share a meal with our community. In the summer months we plan multiple camping trips and often gather for a picnic at the beach, backyard campfire, or a board game night. Although it can be difficult living far away from our families, we feel like there is a benefit to having two families, one in Ontario that comes to visit and we can go visit, and a family that we have created locally which provides a strong network of support for us.

Adoptive Parent Profile


Our home is a place we have created to feel safe, secure and connected as a family unit. We want to continuously grow and learn together here. We live in a townhouse on Vancouver Island with kind neighbors some of whom are retired, have young families or are single adults. Everyone looks out for each other. Our church community is also very important to us and is filled with young families who are quick to support and connect with each other. Some families within this community have been a huge encouragement to us as they have previously adopted children within BC, Alberta and other countries.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We believe that the openness component of adoption further aids the child’s knowledge of understanding who they are and where they come from. Providing this relationship opportunity to the child is important in helping the child find and create their identity. We understand that learning about one's history and culture will need to come in stages that are age appropriate. At the same time we respect that openness looks different for different birth parent(s). Our goal is to support you, the birth parent(s), in this process as we strive to make a plan together. We value input as we seek what is best for the child and their upbringing. Ultimately, we want to provide peace and assurance in knowing that the child will be in a loving caring home.

Adoptive Parent Profile


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