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Mike & Steph


We promise to celebrate your child, to encourage their own unique personality and to support them through this life. We talk openly about adoption in our home and will always speak of you and your family with the utmost love and respect. Our children will always know where they come from and the love that brought them to us.


Mike is a musician, adventurer, problem solver, and refrigeration mechanic. When Mike is not fixing air conditioners he is playing guitar or banjo, riding bikes, playing baseball or soccer with Bo, coaching tball and getting outdoors. Mike loves gathering people around music and adventures. His great sense of humour and interest in what others are doing draws people to him. Bo loves playtime with DAD!


Stephanie is an artist, musician, gardener, teacher and entrepreneur. Steph has been fortunate to be a stay-at-home mama to Bo while building an art business. She loves taking Bo on bike adventures, making art and getting him into the garden. Steph loves making people feel loved and special.


We met playing in a band together, got engaged on a bike ride across Canada and have been married for 11 years! We love getting out on our bikes, jumping into cold water and being in nature.


Our weekends are full of rallying neighbours in park baseball or hockey games, getting into the forest, playing games or going on visits to the interior.

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In our family we love deeply. Adventure boldly. Encourage self exploration. Get silly and value connection and kindness.


Bo is 4 years old. He loves biking, baking, any and all sports and gardening! He is curious, determined, friendly and always up for a new adventure. Bo’s sense of humour and willingness to try new things make life rich in our household. Bo is excited and hopeful to become a big brother. He will be a fun and inspiring older sibling. Bo came into our family and made us parents through adoption in January 2020. We are honoured and beyond grateful to walk through life with him as his parents.


Grandmas, Grandpas, Uncles, Aunties and cousins. Our families have been incredible supports. We are so thankful for their love and encouragement. Mike's parents and brother still live in Ontario where we visit often. They also love coming out west to see everyone. We have a close relationship with Mike's sister, brother-in-law & their new baby(and dog!) who live a bike ride away and have a beautiful connection with Bo. Steph's family is mostly in the Interior of BC along with so many beautiful friends who have become additional aunties, uncles and grandparents to Bo. Everyone is excited for the family to grow.

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Our home is a safe and loving place for a child to learn, explore and thrive. We live in a great neighbourhood close to schools, parks and community centres. We are able to walk or ride our bicycles to get to almost anything we might need. Where we live is the kind of place where neighbours chat as they’re coming home from work, lend a cup of sugar if you’ve run out and are constantly dropping off sports gear for Bo.


We feel grateful for our neighbours and our community.


We live in a cozy house with a big garden in the front yard, a fenced in backyard and back onto a playground.

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Our hope is to have an open adoption to the level you feel comfortable with.

We are grateful to have experienced openness with Bo’s birth mother. We cherish our interactions.

Letters, photos and visits are all things we would be happy to discuss with you.

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