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Victoria & Pierre


Our hearts are open, and our home is filled with love and laughter. We are ready to embrace the role of parents and provide a secure and nurturing environment where a child can flourish. We're excited to welcome a new member into our family, embrace their culture, and create a lifetime of cherished memories together.


We can't wait to introduce a little one to the wonders of the world, showing them that life is an exciting journey. We believe that nurturing individual interests is important, and we're excited to support a child's passions, whatever they may be.


Our overarching commitment to you is that we are resolved to parent with empathy and foster independence. Our purpose is to empower a child to grow into a confident and compassionate individual that can navigate life with resilience and self-reliance.


We're a fun-loving couple in our thirties who have been married since 2013. We both felt a magical connection right from the start. What was anticipated to be a quick coffee date, led to an unexpected 3-hour conversation marathon! Since then, our journey of building a life together has been filled with love, learning, and adventure.


We're passionate about traveling and exploring new places and cultures. While we adore the beauty of the world, we're also homebodies at heart. These cherished experiences fuel our adventures, but nothing beats the comfort of being back home!


Victoria has her BA in Business Administration and is a licensed Insurance Broker. Even though she works in Insurance, it doesn’t stop her from finding the fun even in the little things! Nothing relaxes or excites her more than a good book.


Pierre’s educational journey started in molecular biology at the undergraduate level, which paved the way for graduate training in experimental medicine. After spending a good chunk of time as a lab rat, he decided to switch gears. Currently, he coordinates a training program focused on strengthening partnerships between researchers and patients. He now enjoys being part of the process advocating for stronger patient and family involvement in the research process.


To us adoption is the opportunity to build a supportive family bound by love, choice, and commitment.


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Adoptive Parent Profile


We enjoy dedicating time to nurturing our close relationships and creating fond memories with our nieces and nephews. Our family ties hold a special place in our hearts. Since both of us are lucky enough to live close to our immediate families, we are fortunate to celebrate every major holiday and special occasions with them throughout the year!


Christmas is an especially lively time where our nieces and nephews like to show off their recital performances and the adults read out the Christmas story in their native languages. A fun annual Christmas tradition that the two of us have is to get a special ornament to capture the year. If we happened to travel that year, we make an extra effort to find one abroad that commemorates the trip.


In the summer we regularly visit the family lake house in the Okanagan for some fun in the sun. During the day we are usually busy swimming, wakeboarding, water tubing, or generally lounging around. At night we get to enjoy s’mores, stargazing, and if we are lucky; fireworks on Canada Day!


We are fortunate to have been involved in the lives of our nieces and nephews from a young age. We have strived to earn the title of “Most Fun Aunt and Uncle” by hosting fun get-togethers and taking them on exciting adventures.


Our family is looking forward to the opportunity to not only share these traditions and experiences, but to create new ones as well with the new addition to our family.

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We live in a cozy townhouse complex that backs onto a serene green space that is in close proximity to schools, trails, and playgrounds. Most residents in the surrounding community are young families from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our home is our space. It is our sanctuary where we like to rest and recharge away from the hustle and bustle. In our home we will create an atmosphere that will stimulate the imagination, inspire curiosity, and foster growth.

Adoptive Parent Profile


We believe that openness in adoption enriches the experience for everyone and will gladly work with you to accommodate your preferences to the degree that you are comfortable with.

Adoptive Parent Profile


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